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The Xbox One- Six months later

I received my Xbox One back in November.  I have some observations to share after something approaching six months living with the big black box. Continue reading The Xbox One- Six months later

XBox One- initial impressions

I’ve had my XBox One for a whole 16 hours, give or take. So far, my experience with it is completely positive.  I’ll be updating this post a bit over the next couple of days as I experience more with this Generation Eight console.


Xbox one 1

Here are some quick observations in bulleted form:

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Getting quantified: Fitbit Flex

Two weeks ago I purchased and started using a Fitbit Flex.  It is basically a set of accelerometers, some computing, and a Bluetooth wireless connection bundled into something you can wear on your wrist.  This little gadget won’t turn me into an athlete, but I’m hoping it might make me a little more aware of my astounding lack of activity.  And in the process, possibly shame me into moving a bit.

Fitbit flex

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Installing the throttle boss on Avon Harley Davidson grips…

Avon sells some fairly decent grips and accessories for motorbikes.  I liked the feel of the Air Cushion grips, but bought them before they had the option of a throttle boss.  Recently, Avon started selling the throttle boss separately, and I ordered one on-line.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t at obvious how to install the thing…

Custom contour chrome throttle assist 55808

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Stupid spam robots…

You may notice that the “furballs coughed up… #### today alone!” number in the header of this blog seems oddly inflated.  Your observation would be correct: I suspect no more than a couple hundred humans visit this site in a given day.  However, the spam robots visit in vast, unending waves.

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Cat allergies: Elcee gets track marks…

Today we started on the first dose of immunotherapy injections for our cat, Elcee.  She’s had problems with strange acne-like skin eruptions on her face and chin for years, but the last three years (Elcee is ten years old) they’ve gotten progressively worse.  


During her last episode, the rash got into her ears and around her neck and shoulders: she licked her hair completely off in those areas, and ended up with secondary (bacterial) skin and ear infections.  It took weeks of treatment to get that cleared up, and the vet advised that we consider allergy tests.  As it turns out, Elcee is allergic to a lot of things…

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My theory as to why some guys are threatened by “Geek Girls”

I’ve been a geek since before I knew the term existed.  I would say it probably started when I was about four or five years old, when my sister started reading me The Hobbit.  I didn’t truly “identify” as a geek until I was about 14 or 15, and it was part of a process of realizing I wasn’t alone.  I discovered that other people liked Star Trek, perhaps a bit too passionately.  There were folks out there like me that read Asimov, Tolkien, Pohl, McCaffrey,  Niven, Lackey, Heinlein, and the rest of the pantheon like a form of alternate truth.  People who saw the world through a slightly different lens, intensely, with a quiet (or sometimes not so quiet) passion. 

Given my long-standing sense of myself as a “geek”, my ears perk up when I see discussions of what the term means.  Of who is “in” or “out”.  Apparently there is some sort of brouhaha in progress of late regarding whether female geeks exist.  Some guys claim they don’t, or that many of those of the feminine persuasion who claim to be geeks are lying.  One recent article I read on the topic gave me much food for thought.  For that I thank the author, Sarah Kuhn: thinking is something I like to do ;)

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Parushta and Samira

We adopted two Abyssinian kittens in July of 2011.  Samira is the ruddy (reddish-brown) girl, and Parushta is her blue (grey coloured) half-brother:

Paru and samira kittens

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I’m suffering from PMS…


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Motorcycle Road Trip 2012 #2: the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island

I was lucky to be able to enjoy a second “significant” motorcycle road trip this year.  My brother Colin and his son, Troy, came out to the coast from Alberta on their motorbikes.  Colin had previously ridden up the Sunshine coast and wanted to share that with us, and it sounded fantastic to me.  I asked Colin to be our road captain, since he knew the route and I don’t really care to lead unless I’m riding solo.  We set out on August 14th on a trip that ultimately looked more or less like the map below:


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