Kaelon and Yemayas Wedding

Kaelon and Yemaya’s Wedding

The following text was extracted from a log file record of the wedding. I have tried to leave the original words, including mis-spellings and the like intact. I have edited out what I felt were “extraneous” comments and messages. I have used italics to denote emotes and text not directly related to the ceremony. I hope that what is left intact is the heart of the event.

Logg says, ‘I iz an ogre’

Hass switches to ogrespeek so he can understand Logg.

Kaelon says, ‘We will be starting now, so if everyone can sit down )’

Hass sits down respectfully.

Jollie forgot her chair.

Shorts cheers at kae.

Yemaya shouts, ‘Ok everyone needs to be quiet now )’

Logg says, ‘We are Gathered here in dis place’

Ramza tells the group, ‘Lol in dis place”‘

Logg says, ‘To let these two peoples wed’

Hass hands out his buisness card to all the “fly looking honeys up in the joint” and tells them to talk to him after the wedding.

Yemaya says, ‘Lol’

Logg says, ‘Before we do the ceremony, does anyone object to them gettin married?’

Erhin says, ‘Well he is a half elf’


Logg says, ‘Ok Kaelon has some words he would like to say then Yemaya would’

Azzul says, ‘Lol’

Hass says, ‘SO AM I !’

Hass says, ‘Err .’

Hass shuts up.

Kaelon says, ‘My sweet Yemaya, i just wanted to say a few things on how i love you’

Kaelon says, ‘I want to feel what you feel, be it happiness or sadness, pain or joy, we will be as one as we always wished it would be,’

Kaelon says, ‘Since the first time we saw each other in front of najena.’

Cherrey dabs at a tear and blows her nose loudly.

Hass comforts Cherrey.

Kaelon says, ‘I could try to describe my excitment even though it would be as trying to describe how beautiful you are to me,’

Kaelon looks tranquil.

Aurelin takes Sindei’s hand and sighs happily.

Yemaya stares dreamily at Kaelon, completely lost in his eyes.

Kaelon says, ‘It just cannot be said in mere words’

Kaelon says, ‘You are what drives me on each day from morning till night.’

Kaelon says, ‘You are my sun, my earth, my moon .’

Kaelon says, ‘I can only thank you for existing, even more so, for existing by my side’

Heinkle sniffle.

Kaelon says, ‘No one shall take these words ever lightly, if there is a way of saying I Love You, let this be the way Yemaya’

Logg says, ‘Now Yemaya would lik to say a few words’

Ayana holds Ramza’s hand.

Yemaya says, ‘Kaelon when I first saw you on that beutiful summer day here in Lavastorm I was not having the best day in the world’

Yemaya says, ‘Little did I know it would be the best day of my life’

Heinkle holds..um…heinkles hand…

Yemaya says, ‘You were a gentlemen, kind, caring, and made me feel blessed’

Yemaya says, ‘Your voice and words are comforting and very wise’

Sindei sighs at Aurelin.

Yemaya says, ‘You showed me love and kindness unimaginable’

Yemaya says, ‘I could never hear your sweet words in my ears enough’

Yemaya says, ‘You have shown me love beyond love and I know that you are the most beutiful person In all of norrath’

Yemaya says, ‘I vow to be as loving and as caring as I can be’

Yemaya says, ‘I am ready to share your life love and happiness’

Yemaya says, ‘You are my true soulmate. I LOVE YOU MY SWEET KAELON’

Logg says, ‘With that being said, Kaelon repeat after me, I Kaelon Hopebringer’

Ayana says, ‘Aw’

Shorts smiles.

Azzul smiles.

Kaelon says, ‘I Kaelon Hopebringer’

Heinkle cry.

Yemaya gets teary eyed.

Sindei stares dreamily at Aurelin, completely lost in her eyes.

Yemaya beams a smile at Kaelon.

Logg says, ‘Take you, Yemaya Mindmelder to be my wedded wife’

Logg says, ‘To have and to hold’

Kaelon says, ‘Take you, Yemaya Mindmelder, to be my wedded wife’

Kaelon says, ‘To have and to hold’

Logg says, ‘From this day forward’

Kaelon says, ‘From this day forward’

Logg says, ‘For better, or for worse’

Kaelon says, ‘For better, or for worse’

Logg says, ‘To love and cherish, now and forever.’

Kaelon says, ‘To love and cherish, now and forever.’

Logg says, ‘Do you have a ring to seal your commitment?’

Kaelon looks at oni for the ring.

Onisciente says, ‘Ah yes right’

Onisciente carefully draws out the shining wedding band.

Onisciente watches scared as the wb rolls away in the ground.

Onisciente says, ‘YIKES!’

Onisciente runs madly after it.

Kaelon says, ‘Yes i do’

Onisciente shouts, ‘OKe dont worry!’

Ayana tells the group, ‘Lol’

Onisciente shouts, ‘It rolled over at some lava, but i can get it’

Cherrey rolls on the floor laughing.

Ayana tells the group, ‘Hee hee’

Azzul shouts, ‘Lol’

Heinkle giggles at Shorts.

Sindei snickers softly.

Onisciente shouts, ‘*ouch* burns* ouuuuch *’

Azzul rolls on the floor laughing.

Onisciente shouts, ‘Oke, I think I got it, but I lost an arm (‘

Onisciente says, ‘There goes my tools (‘

Azzul shouts, ‘Hehe’

Onisciente says, ‘But it was for a good reason )’

Onisciente hands over the ring.

Kaelon places the ring on Yemaya’s finger.

Logg says, ‘Now repeat after me Yemaya, I Yemaya Mindmelder’

Yemaya says, ‘I Yemaya Mindmelder’

Logg says, ‘Take you Kaelon Hopebringer’

Yemaya says, ‘Take you Kaelon Hopebringer’

Logg says, ‘To be my wedded husband’

Yemaya says, ‘To be my wedded husband’

Logg says, ‘To have and to hold’

Yemaya says, ‘To have and to hold’

Logg says, ‘From this day forward’

Yemaya says, ‘From this day forward’

Logg says, ‘For better or for worse’

Yemaya says, ‘For better or for worse’

Logg says, ‘To love and cherish, now and forever.’

Yemaya says, ‘To love and cherish, now and forever’

Logg says, ‘I now pronounce you husband and wife, you can kiss each other’

Logg cheers.

Bevarin cheers.

Kloister claps _ hands together – hurray!

Mals cheers.

Aurelin cheers at Sindei.

Sindei shouts, ‘W00t !’

Shorts cheers.

Aurelin cheers.

Hass cheers.

Onisciente cheers at Vajarie.

Erhin claps _ hands together – hurray!

Ralox cheers.

Yemaya kissed Kaeon passionately.

Azzul finds an ogre priest odd.

Ralox cheers.

Kaelon kisses Yemaya passionetly.

Kuldarye cheers.

Yemaya is cloaked in a shimmer of glowing symbols.

Erhin claps _ hands together – hurray!

Kaelon feels better.

Kaelon doesn’t seem to be breathing anymore.

Ralox cheers.

Kuldarye cheers.

Aurelin cheers.

Yemaya doesn’t seem to be breathing anymore.

Azzul cheers.

Mariposa claps _ hands together – hurray!

Azzul shouts, ‘GOOD JOB!’

Hass shouts, ‘YAY KAELON! YAY YEMAYA !’

Vajarie shouts, ‘GRATS 1’

Erhin shouts, ‘CONGRATS!’

Vyperr shouts, ‘Grats !’

Ramza shouts, ‘Congrats!’

Onisciente says, ‘If you would be so kind to listen me briefly’

Sindei shouts, ‘Kaelon! Yemaya! CONGRATS!’


Onisciente draws out a parchment.

Azzul shouts, ‘Quiet all’

Logg says, ‘Before we go, Onisciente has a few words he would like to say .’


Onisciente says, ‘For those of y.’

Onisciente says, ‘. . He is a noble man, with principles better then the most pure of hearts .’

Onisciente says, ‘. . Now such heart was finally united with Yemaya’s, and I know that they can only grow in splender .’

Kaelon hugs Yemaya.

Onisciente says, ‘For each answer we find, new questions arise.’

Onisciente says, ‘Questions about the imminent future, wich is related not only to ourselves but to all of those around us’

Onisciente says, ‘Each step we take add up to the formulation of those very same questions and no action ever goes by unnoticed but the greater scheme of life.’

Onisciente says, ‘Today Kaelon and Yemaya take one great big step foward, where will they be led by it? And will we all follow?’

Onisciente says, ‘These questions we cannot hope to answer now’

Onisciente says, ‘But it is in order to wish them only the very best so that their path is guided to the light then to the darkness’

Onisciente says, ‘With that kinda of spirit, I let the celebrations GO and TOAST from the CUP OF LIFE to my long lost brother, and his new found LOVE!’

Logg cheers.

Onisciente cheers all.

Azzul wants beer.

Ralox claps _ hands together – hurray!

Glug, glug, glug… You take a swig of Flaming Clurg.

Ahhh. That was refreshing.

Glug, glug, glug… Ayana takes a swig of Ol’Tujim’s Fierce Brew.

Kaelon is happy.

Cherrey gives a round of applause.

Kaelon says, ‘Now distributers can pass out the drinks )’

Glug, glug, glug… Ayana takes a swig of Ogre Swill.

Glug, glug, glug… Ayana takes a swig of Ogre Swill.

Glug, glug, glug… Ayana takes a swig of Ogre Swill.

Glug, glug, glug… Ayana takes a swig of Ogre Swill.

Azzul says, ‘Anyoen got alchohol?’

Azzul says, ‘I wanna get drunk’

Tamaran takes a swig of…….nothing he’s broke.

Ralox shouts, ‘Can i dump the booze on eveone now Kaelon?’

Heinkle says, ‘Booze buguy’

Bevarin cheers at Logg.

Heinkle cheers at Logg.

Logg cheers at Heinkle.

Ayana tells the group, ‘Najen is waj cooler thih way’

Ralox shouts, ‘Everyone thats is’

Heinkle says, ‘I know u have some !’

Yemaya shouts, ‘Drink responsibly now’

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  1. Wow, I am glad you kept all of this jotted down somewhere Kelly. I didn’t even remember this until I re-read it, thanks for that!

    1. I had forgotten that I’d kept the whole ‘text chat’ log from this- thanks for reminding me 🙂

      It is a bit of a wall of text, but kind of comical in places.

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