Feb 28, 2000: Gators and Crocs

Gators and Crocs

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02/28/00: “We are either curling, or bashing this Caiman”

The Oasis of Marr seems to have a reptile problem. There are dozens of the things being bashed on by folks at any given point in time. Here, Bevarin and I prepare to make a nice briefcase…or maybe a wallet?

Generally, a deepwater caiman like this /cons as “dark green” or “blue” to Paeter at 25th level. That means he will get experience from the critter, but only just. A deepwater crocodile generally cons as blue, occasionally white to Paeter. Since Bevarin is half a dozen levels lower than Paeter, these crocs are blue or yellow to him. Good experience, although I hear the eaten’ is pretty poor.

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02/28/00: “A slightly larger Croc…”

Lockjaw is a bad boy. He is about twice the size of a deepwater crocodile, and cons yellow to Paeter (red to Bevarin). I don’t think just the two of us could take him, but with a third to help Lockjaw is ours. I’m pretty sure we could make a nice jacket out of Lockjaw…

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