As a cleric, you meet all kinds of people, and all of them are bleeding…

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Trolls….Ugly, large, but with the arguable benefit of being creatures who do not believe themselves to be water-soluable…they sometimes actually bathe.

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Halflings. Pleasant little guys, until they stick there little knives in your back and attempt to do an unauthorized kidney transplant. Of course, not all Halflings are back-stabbing thieves (No insult intended, Beedle).

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At first, I thought this heavily armoured guy was a halfling. But, the pointy ears suggest he might be a gnome. Whatever he is, stuff him in a cannon and he makes a great wall-piercing projectile.

/EQ000022.jpg (37729 bytes)

Ah, the Dark Elf, or “Inkie” as they are more affectionately known. Like most dark elves, Leigh here is dangerous looking and mysterious. Either that, or he should really see a chiropractor.

I’m a High Elf. We are supposed to have a natural enimity towards our evil, scheming brethren. Yet I seem to be surrounded by Dark Elves, or Inkie-wanna-bes. Lowki, Bramen, Bonbon, Beedle with his disguise on, Logg with his disguise on…why is everyone an inkie? Am I the only right-thinking individual left? Ack.

Mind you, half the people I hang out with are barrels or torches sometimes too. I really don’t know what Bramen and Bonbon really are, although I’m pretty sure they are not highly evolved unicycles.

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