Jan 8, 2000: Paeters visit to Kerra Isle

Paeter’s vist to Kerra Isle…

2_ships.jpg (60024 bytes)

01/08/00: “Visit the beautiful Kerra Isles, where traditionally clad Ogres will meet you with their friendly butt-scratch of greeting”
Notice the two ships passing side by side. There is only supposed to be one ship travelling between Kerra and Qeynos, yet this night there were two…one kept sailing right *through* the other. I hate to think of what that did to the passengers…or cargo.

On this particular day, the Ogre Shaman Logg (played by my real life nephew, Shane) was giving Paeter a great boon: his time. Paeter had joined the guild as a mere “child” of 10th level. Logg took Paeter to Kerra Isle, and spent two days (about 10 hours) helping Paeter achieve 14th level. During a break in the action, Logg noted the two ships passing through each other. A most unusual sight…

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