Paeter tells you…

It was to be a night of wonders. And yet it began without any great omens.

My friend Bevarin and I had returned again to BlackBurrow, more intent than ever to put the Gnolls in their place…back in the ground from which they had burrowed. Word had been left for me that our friend and Patron, Logg Krushr, had taken on a great challenge to battle evil on its own home plane. We would not have his aid for some while: greater duties and need engaged him.

Bevarin and I found that the weaker Gnolls that had once nearly overwhelmed us were of little challenge now, so we began to seek out their more powerful leaders. As we battled our way to the vicinity of a room I have heard called “the Commander’s office”, I heard a voice speak out my name.

Fyreheart Tagalong, one of the Talons whom I have heard tell of but not met, was graciously offering to come and give us some aid. With Fyreheart’s powerful spells, Bevarin and I were able to take a comfortable position within the Commander’s office.

No doubt we disrupted the Gnoll’s plans in many different ways. Running an efficient office must be challenging with all those corpses lying about. I fear that the stronger of the Gnolls, those assigned to the Commander’s elite forces, were so fleet of foot that our pursuit of them up and down the halls of BlackBurrow often bordered on the ludicrous. Through it all, Fyreheart was a stone which anchored us. His quiet authority unnerved the lesser adventurers who sought to interfere with our battles, and kept Bevarin and I in our chosen place.

After a while, Fyreheart mentioned a close friend of his, a bard by the name of Grane, who shared common direction and objectives. We willingly took to Fyreheart’s suggestion of joining up with Grane, and shortly thereafter Fyreheart left our company and we were joined by his friend.

Grane, as it turned out, was a friendly, outgoing, and very brave sort. His songs lightened my feet, softened the pains of combat, and made our battles less dark. We shared a few small beer graciously given up from the stiff grasp of several dead Gnolls, then set to our challenge.

I must say that it heartened me greatly to be able, at last, to lend aid as well as receive it. Grane’s enthusiasm, larger by far than his small frame would suggest, often took him to the edge of life’s precipice. With the good will of Tunare, I was able to keep him hale and hearty through several challenges. The cheers we shouted when the fleet-footed Elite Guards would at last fell to our blows still echo in my mind.

As other work took Grane away, Fyreheart returned briefly to us. He gifted Bevarin and I again with the power of his magic, then left us with a special enchantment. For a brief while, my body was transformed to that of a powerful wolf: my speed and viscious bite were astounding, as I’m sure the ghosts of several Gnolls will attest! Such magic as this I had never seen before.

Later that night, Logg joined Beverin and I, and we battled mightily with his aid on Kerra Isle. That tale, however, is not yet finished.

The wonder of magic, the triumph over evil, and most of all the joy of good companionship: it was for such things that I left the safety of my home temple in Felwithe all those months ago…


/ooc It was a great joy meeting Fyreheart and Grane. Thank you, friend, for making a fun evening…funner 🙂 And if I get the names wrong, please forgive me: I have a terrible memory for names, and always forget to write important things down.

By the way, in case you are all wondering, the “Bevarin” I keep mentioning in my stories is played by a real-life friend and co-worker. You can count on seeing him around with Paeter quite a bit.

Three more levels and I can become the healer mascot of the lowlies: Greyok has been whining about needing some healing, and perhaps Beedle, Lilya and friends are in the same boat. One first aid kit, shaken, not stirred, coming right up 🙂

And look out, Dumas: only 39 more levels before I take your place 🙂 Kidding, kidding: I’ll need to serve a long apprenticeship someday as your lackey (when Paeter reaches sufficient level to group with you) to learn good clerical strategy. Right now I’m winging it: I’ve read some strategy guides, but that all goes out the window in the heat of battle 🙂

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