Logg Krushr: Hero, statesman, geographic feature…

Logg Krushr: Hero, statesman, geographic feature…

Feb19_3.jpg (48550 bytes)

02/19/00: “A bigggg guy”

This is Logg. He is an Ogre Shaman. Generally, this is what I see of him: he is standing there, towering over me, buffing (buffs= spells that enhance abilities) the heck out of me.

Feb19_5.jpg (45224 bytes)

02/19/00: “Logg gev de squishies buffs”

When Logg offers buffs, people generally line up. I am proud to say I am not alone in grovelling for his survivability-enhancing magics. Here, both Tanino and I are the beneficiaries of Logg’s largesse.

Feb29_1.jpg (39009 bytes)

02/29/00: “Logg is a handsome devil…”

Ogres are beauty challenged. In Ogrish society, one is invited to social affairs because of one’s ability to smash everyone else’s face to a pulp…not because of any claim to physical attractiveness. Logg is no exception: mirrors may not shatter in his presence, but they do cringe noticably. However, by Ogrish standards, Logg is downright pretty: this is illustrated by the above photo of two nearly identical Ogres. Zotka has unidentifiable substances growing on his face, which is in fact home to an entire biosphere currently being studied by National Geographic. Logg’s face, on the other hand, is devoid of symbiotic life forms. This is a good thing. And certainly he could be…

Feb26_4.jpg (35322 bytes)

02/26/00: “…Fugnugli”

…a troll female. The moldering corpse of the appropriately named Fugnugli was a landmark on the beaches of the Oasis of Marr for some time. For all I know, she is still there. For all I know, Fugnugli could be a matriarch of a large extended family of little trolls, all of whom think she is a lovable mom. It doesn’t change the fact that, with a mug like that, she probably scares two years growth out of everyone who sees her…

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