Gone Fishin…

Gone Fishin’

I was very proud to get my last name…

/EQ000015.jpg (54721 bytes)

02/06/00: “Paeter Serenae, thanking his Mom and the Academy…”

/EQ000018.jpg (73080 bytes)

02/06/00: “…the entrance way to Castle Mistmoore played a major supporting role…”

/EQ000021.jpg (15676 bytes)

02/06/00: “…and let’s not forget the, er, little people.”

But, winning 20th level and a last name is a tiring bit of work. So I took a little bit of R&R time back in Felwithe to clear my mind. Since Dumas, the guild’s Big Cleric, spoke so highly of fishing as a restorative past-time, I felt that this rather odd “sport” would be worthwhile to try.

/EQ000026.jpg (40309 bytes)

02/08/00: “Cast, Paeter: don’t beat the fish into submission…”

Hummm, so maybe I didn’t relax enough. But I did find that the fish, although not worth any exp, carried some loot 😉

/EQ000040.jpg (29082 bytes)

02/08/00: “The elusive ‘sploosh'”

And, after about thirty attempts, I actually managed to capture on film the splash of my cast hitting the water. Okay, so I am a little strange. Maybe a lot strange…. But at the time, as I was relaxing with my fishing pole, it just seemed amazing to me that the world was so fine that my bait made a visible splash.

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