Feb 16, 2000: Centaurs and Elephants…

Centaurs and Elephants, oh my…

/EQ000048.jpg (47375 bytes)

02/16/00: “…a little trip to the Centaur village. All the Centaurs are male. Any idea where the foals come from?”

I like horses. Check out the rest of this web site, under the photos and about me section. So I know something about genus equus.

These guys look like centaurs. Their horsey parts are properly put together…they even move more or less the way I would expect. There is a sense of size about them, too. But I couldn’t find one centaur mare or filly, just the stallions (or more accurately geldings: certain parts appear to be missing ;). So where the heck do these bearded foals come from?

Okay, okay, I know exactly why there are no female centaurs: all these pretty pictures take up texture space. Its easier just to make bigger or smaller (or slightly recoloured) versions of the same thing than it is to make an all new model. But you can’t blame me for wondering…

/EQ000050.jpg (13846 bytes)

02/16/00: “A real horse’s…”

This fellow appeared to have been stuck in a wall for some time. His front end was on the other side of the wall. Those crazy Gnomish engineering students: give them a circular saw and some welding torches, and you neve know what you’ll find…

/EQ000062.jpg (13729 bytes)

02/17/00: “A bull elephant goes wandering by…”

This was the next day, just outside Splitpaw. I had observed baby elephants before, but this was the first time I had seen a bull elephant. Needless to say, I left him alone as he walked by in his stately majesty…

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