Hoknar and Lilionas Reception

Hoknar and Liliona’s Reception

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03/03/00: “A fitting comment regarding the married state…”

How many weddings have you attended where, after the ceremony, everyone gathered at an arena and proceeded to get drunk and kill each other? Okay, so maybe this isn’t such an uncommon event…but it was fun 😉

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03/03/00: “Nihill gets plastered…and becomes part of a wall”

This is what happens when you drink and fight: someone blasts you into a wall 😉

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03/03/00: “Nihill fashion show”

I don’t know what started me taking snapshots of Nihill. Something that Lili said about him showing up at the wedding poorly dressed. From there, I started looking for angles to shoot him from. Sorry, Nihill: sometimes I am overcome by some sort of strange artistic hiccup.

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