Kelly’s World: Non-Motorcycle Thoughts

You may notice some changes to this blog (Kelly’s World). Specifically, you might notice that my posts about motorcycles are missing.

no motorcycle content

Fear not! My motorcycle content has been relocated to a separate blog: Geek on a Harley. Kelly’s World will remain the place to check for my non-motorcycle and more personal thoughts and interests. Please take a look at the new blog and follow/subscribe to it if it appeals to your interests!

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Pippin: A Loving Tribute to Our Beloved and Quirky Feline Friend

Our sweet cat Pippin passed away unexpectedly on Thursday, June 20, while Irene and I were away. She died in her sleep of uncertain causes, and I miss her in ways that are difficult to describe.

I’m writing this in the hope that a few notes about Pippin will help me rationalize my feelings.

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Retirement: Looking back at the work

My career came to an end on Friday, May 31, 2024. That’s when my retirement became ‘official’.

I am feeling pretty good about no longer being a contributing member of society here in the first week of June. It feels very good to have no thoughts in my head about what needs to be done for work next week.

But I am also feeling a bit thoughtful about the past 40 years or so when I spent 40 to 80 hours a week (130 hours a couple of times) working. I’m turning that reflection into this summary post on my blog.

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Projects 2022- New stairs and other things

Irene and I had several ‘priorities’ regarding maintaining our new home from the day we bought it. Some were ‘mandatory’: for example, we had to replace the aging but still fully functional hot water tank in order to get house insurance. Others were ‘urgent’, and at the top of that list was the outdoors stairway to my office above the garage.

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Spring and summer views: 2022

I had planned on posting something new about our stairway construction by now, an upgrade that was already delayed from 2021. Unfortunately that still isn’t done despite being ‘in progress’ since the beginning of May.

Instead, I’ve decided to post some pictures from around the house and a few words about how the year has gone. Most of the pictures have already made an appearance on Facebook- apologies for folks who follow me there as well. But the words are mostly ‘new’…

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Windows 11 and new computer weirdness

I’m configuring a new PC for Irene. I’d love to move her to macOS, but she has too much ‘history’ with Windows. So I went with this:

I bought it a month ago- when it wasn’t ‘unavailable’

A neat little computer- the Msecore machines have a good reputation as a ‘no-name’ brand. But there was definitely some strangeness in setting it up, which ultimately I blame on Windows 11 and its ‘secure BIOS’ technologies.

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Elden Ring: not my ‘game of the year’

Elden Ring is a new game from FromSoftware. They are famous for their ‘Souls’ games that established a whole genre of their own: games with gigantic boss enemies and unforgiving combat. Basically, these games were the origin of the ‘git gud’ meme.

Elden Ring is that “Souls-like’ concept writ large. I have proven once again that I don’t like this style of gaming: but once again it taught me some things about why. It isn’t because I’m ‘not good’ or don’t know how to play. I’ve been playing computer games for over 40 years and, although I’m not claiming any great skill, I can work out the basics. Elden Ring just appeals to a very specific player which isn’t me.

The prescription…
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