03/30/00: “Take that, and that…”

Some days getting up just isn’t worthwhile. This was one of those days. Death means leaving your corpse and all your worldly goods where you died, and having to go find it without the benefit of your gear. I am on such a return trip here.

In the sequence above I am fighting utterly unarmed, in fact totally devoid of any inventory at all. The Norrathian decency squads still insure you are clothed under any circumstances, but in truth I am totally naked. A moment after this series of screenshots was taken, I decided to use some of my magic. A single spell turned this little skeleton into a small pile of calcium powder.

On the day in question, I arrived in Norrath late, and found that Bevarin was busy elsewhere. The other folks I normally group with were either not on-line, or were playing there “big” characters and bashing fire giants.

So, I went wandering around the Rathe Mountains. I decided to fight a giant skeleton (I had battled these solo successfully before). Unfortunately, I didn’t account for his buddy on the other side of the hill. Blammo. I was dead.

A few minutes (and a lengthy run to retrieve my corpse) later, I was back in the Rathe Mountains. This time I was more careful: I found a giant skeleton outside a tower with two or three smaller ones nearby. I used my magic to calm the other skeletons, then attacked the big one. Blammo. I discovered there was a necromancer inside the tower, who didn’t appreciate me attacking his pets. I was dead a second time.

In less than thirty minutes I lost experience that had taken three or four hours of effort to acquire. I learned some kind of lesson from this, one which I have learned many times before. Don’t bash alone is the basic premise. It doesn’t prevent me from making the same mistake later, it just causes me to hesitate a bit.

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