July 22, 2000: a real cleric…

A True Cleric…

7/22/00: “Paeter wearing The Full Gold…”

In EverQuest, there are items of armour and weaponry that are very desirable for the statistics they possess. And then there are items that, although blessed with with good enchantments and features, are mainly wanted for their appearance. The Clerical armour of Solusek Ro falls into this latter category.

I have been very fortunate to have great friends in Norrath. Over time, I have received every single piece of the Clerical quest armour excepting the wrist pieces and the shield without once doing a quest myself. I don’t imagine I would ever have had the full gold doing it myself. I am just not a quest’y type person. If something can be found on some monster or other foe that my friends and I are likely to be battling, well, I might end up with that item. Otherwise, I won’t likely get it.

Sassinak, our guild leader at the time, gave me the legs some time in June. Then Aurelin, a Druid renowned for her tasty baked treats and her hugs, started filling in the rest. Breastplate, arms, gauntlets, and boots…what did I do to deserve such kindness? I don’t know, and I will ponder this for a great long time. Every item reflects hours of time spent camping various items needed to create the armour. Aurelin is amazing.

I don’t wear the full set of quest armour that I possess every day. I have a tunic that grants me additional precious wisdom, and a set of arms that grants me extra armour class. But when I wear the full gold, I feel like a real cleric. I feel proud. Thank you, Aurelin and Sassinak. And thank you, Talon Guard: friends like these are hard to find, and it was my guild that brought me into contact with them.

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