Alien Invaders…

Alien Invaders…

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02/26/00: “It hovered, then it went…ZZZIP!!”

I have noticed several strange unidentified flying objects in the Oasis of Marr area. These firey balls of light fly through the sky at tremendous speed. They almost certainly herald the invasion of Norrath by strange creatures from an advanced civilization…

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02/26/00: “The silence of the peaceful village was about to be forever shattered…”

I began my investigations in this small village. There, a group of strangely mute barbarians lived a simple life of fishing and weaving their colourful kilts. But they were witnesses to an amazing discovery…

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02/26/00: “Alien autopsy”

The barbarian fisherfolk took me to this obviously mutilated alien corpse. It was horrible…I was barely able to take this picture. But the presence of an alien corpse of great ugliness was not all that was odd about the area…

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02/27/00: “Radioactive waste from alien space ships made this camel salesman grow…and GROW!!”

The Sand Giants are angry. They seem to have no recollection of their earlier lives before they were warped and twisted by the strange radioactive materials the alien space ships disgorge. They leave a trail of broken and twisted bodies wherever they go, and an ever-expanding mystery.

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02/27/00: “Sparkling lights and alien technology…”

Larya wears a robe now that is obviously the result of advanced alien technologies. Only four others like it are known to exist in all of Norrath. Obviously, Larya was abducted by aliens, who gave her the robe as a friendly gesture. We can not make the mistake of believing this implies that the aliens are friendly.

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02/27/00: “Alien zombie monks…and necromancers”

In the very courtyard within Cazic Thule, these three abductees suddenly fell to the ground, seemingly dead. Obviously, this is an after-effect of the strange tests the aliens performed on them. Moments later, they all jumped up and went about their normal business. What terrible dark pact have these poor abductees agreed to with their alien overlords? Only time will tell…

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