Hoknar and Liliona’s Wedding (pictures)

Hoknar and Liliona’s Wedding

For the text of the wedding vows, follow this link.

For pictures of the reception, follow this link

I have to admit to being touched by this event. Sure, this is just a game, but the effort and emotion that went into making this come together was pretty amazing. My snapshots capture little bites of what happened (I took over 80 pictures and had to whittle it down to 15 or so)…but they don’t convey the event adequately.

Wedding_1.jpg (83183 bytes)

03/03/00: “Gathering for the train to Lake Ratheter”

One of the amazing things to me was how efficiently everyone got to the wedding. There was a fair sized crowd, not huge, but significant. Folks were scattered all over the world. But our wizards and other casters with group transport capabilities took up positions at a couple of key points and shuttled folks.

Not everyone in this snapshot are on their way to the wedding: some innocent bystanders got caught in the picture.

Wedding_2.jpg (72644 bytes)

03/03/00: “The early arrivals get the good seats…”

Some of us got to the site a bit early. Dumas is up there by the pillar, studying the wedding vows he must present.

I had never been to this particular Barbarian village, but I must say that Hoknar picked a good spot. Except for those darned totemic armour Barbarians and their doggy pets.

Wedding_3.jpg (46611 bytes)

03/03/00: “The wedding party begins to gather”

The groomsmen (groomsogre + groomsbarbarian? Groomsmales?) are on the left near the pillar in the above photo, the bridesmaids are on the right.

Wedding_4_1.jpg (14591 bytes) Wedding_4_2.jpg (11202 bytes)

Wedding_4_3.jpg (14056 bytes) Wedding_4_4.jpg (14045 bytes)

03/03/00: “Hoknar is a stickler for alignment and placement…”

In the top left photo, Hoknar is giving stage directions to the groomsmen. Then, in the middle top photo, he is telling the guests to gather in a line behind him.

The bottom two photos show just how serious people got about being in line: one of the bridesmaids wanted to bow to Dumas, the priest who was officiating. To make sure she could get back to the exact spot Hoknar wanted her, she bound herself and then teleported back after 😉

Hok’s care about getting everying “just right” was touching, and he did it with such good humour that no one really minded.

Wedding_5.jpg (69912 bytes)

03/03/00: “The ceremony begins”

At this point, I believe Dumas was beginning the vows. That is Hoknar at the left, and Liliona on the right of Dumas. This is about as much of a closeup as I could manage from back where I was standing. Everyone was pretty much on their marks, so I’m hopeful that Hoknar was smiling.

Wedding_6.jpg (68066 bytes)

03/03/00: “The rings are exchanged…”

I had two versions of this shot: with and without the text. I decided to stick with the one that shows the vows being exchanged. Hopefully you agree that I made the right choice…

Wedding_8.jpg (54037 bytes)

3/03/00: “The bride and groom kiss…and magic erupts”

I am not too sure how much of the lightshow was choreographed, and how much was adlibbed. Either way, the end of the wedding was spectacular.

Wedding_9.jpg (47945 bytes)

03/03/00: “And the kiss continues…”

Wedding_10.jpg (75595 bytes)

03/03/00: “Onisciente’s Poem and light show…”

When Onisciente stepped up to recite his poem, most of the assembled guests immediately grabbed their sunglasses. I wasn’t fast enough, and was blinded for several hours.

Wedding_11.jpg (73392 bytes)

2 thoughts on “Hoknar and Liliona’s Wedding (pictures)”

  1. Wow, this takes me waaaaaay back..

    Cheers to you guys, I hope the years have treated everyone well.


  2. Greetings, Doogs! Dooger? My memory is getting weak as I get older (waves cane at the young whipper-snappers).

    Yeah, it’s fun to recall old times. I’m still kicking, still playing a bit online (EQ2 these days), still happy as life permits.

    Hopefully the same is true for you as well!

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