Kelly’s World: Non-Motorcycle Thoughts

You may notice some changes to this blog (Kelly’s World). Specifically, you might notice that my posts about motorcycles are missing.

no motorcycle content

Fear not! My motorcycle content has been relocated to a separate blog: Geek on a Harley. Kelly’s World will remain the place to check for my non-motorcycle and more personal thoughts and interests. Please take a look at the new blog and follow/subscribe to it if it appeals to your interests!

The idea is to make the topics of each blog more focused and easy to digest. I’m also hoping that having a better structure will encourage me to post a bit more frequently, but that’s a bit of a long shot.

I’ve been planning on doing this for several years. I secured two ‘topic-specific’ domains five or six years ago: for motorcycle content, and for gaming related posts. I’m starting with the motorcycle blog and will consider the gaming content after I see how that goes.

I will continue to make small changes here over the next while as I try to work out a good way to make it easy for visitors to find both blogs.

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