Being sick is … sickening

Irene (my wife) started coming down with a cold/flu thing on Christmas Eve. Naturally, I started getting sick on Boxing day. And now I have a roaring great cold.

You know, the usual…feverish (peaked at 101.2), sore throat, headache, stuffy. This one is generating a great hacking cough, so stuff is settling in my lungs. I’ve had to cancel the get-together we were planning for this weekend- I can’t see myself being up to cooking for folks, nor do I imagine folks would want me cooking for them.

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Network config problems: Linksys RV016, One to One NAT, and apache

I have to apologize for the site problems today. I’ve been installing a new network firewall/hub, and encountering any number of irritating problems along the way.

Right at the moment I can’t get any of my virtual hosts to work. If you expected to go to the Dawn of Asgard or Solstice sites and are reading this instead, thats why. I hope to have things figured out shortly, but for the moment, things are sumewhat fubar’d.

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New-old content up on site…D&D, EverQuest Essays

I finally got around to finishing what I started back in July and now all my old articles are available.

If you look to the right under “Other Content”, you’ll see the Essays and Articles link. Click that and you’ll be looking at a menu of my longer written stuff. Feel free to burrow through my miscellaneous mental meanderings…

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Merry Christmas

Its Christmas Day here, and I’m just starting to wake up on my second cup of coffee. Maybe by the third or fourth cup I’ll be truly in the spirit of the season 🙂 Irene is “bah humbug”ing because she has come down with a cold, and I’m complacent in the knowledge that I will have it soon as well. But there are folks out there with real problems, and my wife and I are incredibly lucky in so many ways that it defies counting.

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Coming Soon: Google AdSense

Well, I’ve resisted for quite a while, but I’ve decided to add Google AdSense to my site.

What will this mean? If you are familiar with AdSense, what I’ll be doing is setting things up so that Google will place some relevant links on my page. “Relevant” is based on Google’s analysis of the words and context on my site- in my experience, its reasonably accurate.

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Christmas season…

I’m feeling reasonably “jolly” this Christmas season, but for some reason I’m not feeling very “christmassy”. I tried to go out and do some Christmas shopping, but I just couldn’t overcome a sense of comfortable lethargy…I think I’ll have to take Irene out after Christmas on a shopping spree or something, as I’ve only found her one gift.

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