Christmas season…

I’m feeling reasonably “jolly” this Christmas season, but for some reason I’m not feeling very “christmassy”. I tried to go out and do some Christmas shopping, but I just couldn’t overcome a sense of comfortable lethargy…I think I’ll have to take Irene out after Christmas on a shopping spree or something, as I’ve only found her one gift.

Am I a bad person for not feeling like Santa? I mean, I feel happy and such, but just not in the right mood to sing deck the halls and so forth. Instead, I feel more like sitting around reading a book and relaxing…

I should feel like this-=>Blinking happy christmas kitten

But really, I have a big chunk of this in my head=>crazed computer guy beating himself to a pulp on his keyboard

Bah humbug, or something…I guess it really *is* time for a Christmas break 🙂

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