Merry Christmas

Its Christmas Day here, and I’m just starting to wake up on my second cup of coffee. Maybe by the third or fourth cup I’ll be truly in the spirit of the season 🙂 Irene is “bah humbug”ing because she has come down with a cold, and I’m complacent in the knowledge that I will have it soon as well. But there are folks out there with real problems, and my wife and I are incredibly lucky in so many ways that it defies counting.

Enjoy your day however it best suits you, and come home safe and sound tonight.

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5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas”

  1. I really enjoyed our time out in Chilliwack. Your Mom always makes a fantastic meal, but more importantly I get to talk with and see you guys face to face.

    Email or point me to your pictures when you’ve got them- I kinda regret not taking any today, but…I’m in a weird mood at the moment.

    I did take this picture, though, of our Christmas trees tonight. I’m being “artsy” by not using lights or flash- just the lights of the tree:

  2. The fibre optic tree with the longer exposure looks like something out of a “Cylon Christmas Carol” or some other futuristic cyborg version of Christmas. Rather cool.

    Hope you all had a merry one. I had a huge haul of loot, otherwise I’ve been too busy to have time to reflect on whether it was good or not. ( Well, ok, I know it wasn’t bad. Pretty sure it wasn’t great. So it’s been a good Christmas… just not sure where this particular season ranks on the billboard christmas chart yet. )

    Merry Christmas, Happy new year, enjoyable politically correct non- denominational festive occasion to everyone 😉

  3. I’m in a less than stellar mood- I’ve tried to be “christmassy”, but its not working. I can’t put my finger on exactly why, probably just seasonal depression or work or…but…I’m riding it out.

    The pictures above, however, almost got me in the mood. Both of the above pictures were shot in natural light: the fibre optic tree was a 10 second exposure, the big tree was a 20 second exposure- sitting on a tripod with a timer, naturally- my hand isn’t that steady 🙂 So, actually, the big tree was a longer exposure…strange but true 😉

    Both of those pictures actually are as close as I’ve gotten to one of my private Christmas traditions. After everyone has gone to sleep, sometime around Christmas but not necessarily Christmas day, I turn out all the lights and sit in the dark with just the lights of the tree going, and I sit there and stare at them. I empty my mind, and just sort of let my thoughts wander around…usually somewhat maudlin thoughts, but with an uplifting Christmas vibe behind them.

    Merry Christmas…By Your Command

  4. It’s probably a time thing. One can’t *rush* to enjoy a relaxing christmas, and the world today is very reluctant at giving time. SO many places, instead of easing up the workload before Christmas and slowing down, actually speed things up in preparation of the “lost time and productivity” of the holidays ( bah humbug and all that 😉
    What I find is the biggest obstacle to most people having the christmas they want isn’t lack of money, or proper spirit, it’s time. Sad fact is that the whole “peace on earth, good will to all” selfless giving attitude doesn’t come naturally to us ( which is why I think Christmas is so important. ) We have to work at it a bit. Without the time to, for lack of a better term, “concentrate” on being nice and joyful – to clear our minds of the usuall everyday clutter – it’s hard to get into the right spirit. I find it takes me a good 3-4 days to get properly Christmassed. I lately get a few hours…by the time I start getting all nice and yulish it’s after boxing day and time to go back to work. *sigh*
    On the other hand, I’m not going to stress about not getting into the christmas mood, because that in itself will prevent one from getting christmassy. I’m sure some psych major can write a thesis on “Christmas spirit dysfunction” 😉

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