Teresa Noreen in the running for Maxim

Folks who visit my site regularly know that I have been following the career of Teresa Noreen for some months now. Just type “Teresa” in my search box here and you’ll see a half dozen or so postings about the Geek Goddess. She’s a busy woman, as the postings in her Myspace blog can attest to.

Teresa is now in the running for a photoshoot with Maxim magazine as part of the Cuervo Hot 101 Sweeps. Naturally, there are many lovely women standing in line for the same opportunity. But you can go to Maxim’s website and vote for {…Teresa…} your {…Teresa…} personal {…Teresa…} favorite, whomever that {…Teresa…} might happen {…Teresa…} to be.

Make sure you look carefully on the page for the best model to pick {…Teresa…}, whom you can identify via this helpful image:


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3 thoughts on “Teresa Noreen in the running for Maxim”

  1. Welcome to my blog, Kiltak! Yeah, I have a Teresa screen saver, and a Teresa desktop background, and I visit her Myspace site pretty much daily. Its fun seeing someone pursue their dream, and she is definitely a beautiful woman.

    I must admit, though, that my wife looks at my computer with all its Teresa images and shakes her head now and then šŸ™‚ I’m lucky she’s so tolerant!

    By the way- my apology for the delay between you posing your comment and it showing up on my site. I moderate everything to cut down on spam- but once you’ve been approved once you’ll be able to post again with the same ID and get immediate gratification šŸ™‚ I plan on adding a comment about the moderation delay to the posting process, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

  2. Hahaha, yeah, I know what you mean, my wife rolls her eyes up in despair when she was seeing me working on one of her wallpaper…

    And after she looked at that “Geeks Are Sexy” picture That teresa did in part because of my blog, she was rolling on the floor laughing. I’m pretty happy of the deal tho, it’s
    bringing me quite a bit of traffic!

    Happy new year!!

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