Being sick is … sickening

Irene (my wife) started coming down with a cold/flu thing on Christmas Eve. Naturally, I started getting sick on Boxing day. And now I have a roaring great cold.

You know, the usual…feverish (peaked at 101.2), sore throat, headache, stuffy. This one is generating a great hacking cough, so stuff is settling in my lungs. I’ve had to cancel the get-together we were planning for this weekend- I can’t see myself being up to cooking for folks, nor do I imagine folks would want me cooking for them.

Furthermore (violins playing in the background…), I’m not sleeping well. Part of that is a result of my recent battles with my home network. Part of that is the fact that I can hardly breath. And I need sleep to get better…

Don’t you feel sorry for me? Okay, quit your laughing…this sucks

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2 thoughts on “Being sick is … sickening”

  1. True, true. And there is this fellow, Jonny Kennedy. Jonny suffered from a horrible genetic disorder called Epidermolysis Bullosa yet he didn’t just curl up and die like I might have- he fought and lived a worthwhile but short life.

    That said…I think most people feel sorry for themselves without adequate justification lots of the time, and I’m the first to admit I’m one of those people 🙂 And by the way, I still feel like crap, but now you’ve made me feel guilty or something! Kidding…

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