Little pieces of history

I am generally not a war-like guy- some might even call me a peacenik. That said, I have great respect for people who serve in the military. And I also find the “hardware” of war fascinating. Stealth bombers, laser guided missiles, ICBMs, tanks…rifles, bayonets, gas masks…swords, armour, and helmets.

A few years ago, Irene’s Aunt Judith offered me a few odds and ends from her basement. I took a couple of bayonets, then spent a happy evening doing Internet research. Once I’d confirmed where they came from, I put them on the shelf to admire once in a while. A conversation I had today with my Nephew Shane and brother in law Bryan reminded me that I had these items.
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Sasha gone…

Our cat Sasha died Wednesday just after 11:00 pm. It was pretty sudden- she was fine Wednesday morning, a little off around dinner time, and in shock by bedtime. We rushed her to the emergency vet, but they couldn’t save her. It looks like she was sick and respirated some vomit, and this was complicated by her heart and kidney problems.


Sasha came into our life as something of a lost soul…
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Congratulations to the new Antonia Bayle…

Sony and Stuff have announced the winner of the Antonia Bayle contest.

Anna Wainscoat wasn’t my choice- I felt Teresa Noreen was closer in appearance to the Queen of Qeynos and seemed more interested in EverQuest and its players, but…who knows? Anna bears at least a passing resemblance to Antonia, and maybe she actually gives a damn about the game. There’s an interview with her on Gamecloud that sort of implies she’s a console gamer and new to PC games…although it also implies she’s at least tried EQ2, so thats something.

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EverQuest 2- the Rise of Isolation in MMOGs

Back in the bad old days (circa 1999), massively multi-player online games allowed player to player interaction. I’m not talking about player killing: I’m referring to the ability of one player’s actions to impact another, for good or ill. Then things began to change…and I don’t personally believe the changes were all for the better.
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Yay for Google!

Google is supposedly about to start providing RSS feeds of their Google News headlines.

That’s great, and I guess I’ll have to switch over from using my own Google feed scraper program. Its been working pretty well for the last few months, but maintaining it has always been a bit of a pain. That said, I was also somewhat proud of the fact that it *did* work, and that it allowed me to have Google News on my site when other folks didn’t have this feature.