Little pieces of history

I am generally not a war-like guy- some might even call me a peacenik. That said, I have great respect for people who serve in the military. And I also find the “hardware” of war fascinating. Stealth bombers, laser guided missiles, ICBMs, tanks…rifles, bayonets, gas masks…swords, armour, and helmets.

A few years ago, Irene’s Aunt Judith offered me a few odds and ends from her basement. I took a couple of bayonets, then spent a happy evening doing Internet research. Once I’d confirmed where they came from, I put them on the shelf to admire once in a while. A conversation I had today with my Nephew Shane and brother in law Bryan reminded me that I had these items.

They are Modelo Argentino 1909 Mauser Sword Bayonets. rusty, tired looking relics of the time just after the turn of the century. Neither of them are in “good” condition, they are mis-matched with their scabbards (I.E.: the serial number on the scabbard doesn’t match the blade)…but they are “real”. Since (as far as I can tell) neither blade was ever sharpened, they were likely never issued- the probably sat in a military warehouse for a few decades until they were liquidated.

Click on the above link, then click again on the resulting image for the full-sized picture. There’s a second detail picture showing the Argentine crest (ground off). When I pick one of these up in my hands, I get a sense of history- of a time when war was fought close enough that a bayonet might actually be used. It makes me wonder what kinds of battles the Argentine army was in prior to world war one…where they might have carried the rifles these attached to. If the men who carried this type of weapon might have been scared, or heroic, or both. Really, all they are is pieces of metal, old tatty ones at that. But they do get my imagination going….

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