Its purdy…

I think I’ve pretty much finished this round of site design updates.

The key things I added/changed:

  • The overall theme: the main text block is now “flexible” in size, and that was the main thing I wanted. The theme I picked, the Ensellitis theme by Chris Ensell, was just about perfect. I made some very minor changes, altering a few elements of the left block and link colours and such. I don’t know why there aren’t more of these “free flow” templates- how many website visitors come to a site at 800×600? And frankly, my posts are too dang long to look “right” when scrunched down to 40 characters wide or so
  • I’ve added a “most recent comments” section at the left
  • I updated my banner image, adding a picture of Sadie in the process
  • and finally, I added a simple visitor stats block courtesy of Joe Cheung

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Sorry, this Module is not active!

Sigh…try to do one little thing to fix a configuration problem, and a dozen bugs show up.

If you are a website admin and use PHPNuke, this might interest you. Many (?) Linux distributions are now shipping with a PHP configuration setting called “register_globals” set to “Off”. This is a good thing for security as described by the PHP documentation. Unfortunately, it seems that PHPNuke has a ton of places where globals are used “incorrectly”.

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Anniversary celebration

July 31st is the date that my sister Judy and her husband Bryan got married. 40 years have passed since that fateful day (“It was a dark and stormy night…“), and Judy organized a big get together to celebrate. But being the kind of person she is, she expanded the party to include celebration of Shane and Monique’s wedding as well as Irene and my wedding…all based on the fact that we were married sometime in July.

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