Congratulations to the new Antonia Bayle…

Sony and Stuff have announced the winner of the Antonia Bayle contest.

Anna Wainscoat wasn’t my choice- I felt Teresa Noreen was closer in appearance to the Queen of Qeynos and seemed more interested in EverQuest and its players, but…who knows? Anna bears at least a passing resemblance to Antonia, and maybe she actually gives a damn about the game. There’s an interview with her on Gamecloud that sort of implies she’s a console gamer and new to PC games…although it also implies she’s at least tried EQ2, so thats something.

In any case, congratulations to Anna Wainscoat, and my best wishes to her. Likewise to Teresa: thank you for competing, and best of everything in your future endeavours!

18 thoughts on “Congratulations to the new Antonia Bayle…”

  1. I know Anna is going to be a wonderful Antonia! She definitely looks the part and was the only with REAL boobs! Good luck to my friend Anna!!!

  2. Hey Kelly. I think Teresa is going to break her silence soon. But two things are certain, Stuff made up the majority of the judging staff and it is highly unlikely that the top of the pre-made, $10k Antonia Bayle suit would have held in Teresa’s bust. Anna is a C cup as is Bridget, the first runner up. The only challenge the costume will have now is NOT making Anna look pregnant. The low-hanging front of the costume is best-worn by someone with an extremely flat stomach, which Anna honestly doesn’t have.

    The girls were told that they would be judged by Sony employees, but they weren’t. They were also given ten ‘potential’ questions the night before and told they would be asked 3 of the 10. Many of them were very relevent to the game. However, none of the game-relevent questions were asked. And one of the Stuff judges decided to ignore the questions and ask, “would you date a fat guy?” Hardly relevent in ANY way, but that’s the mockery the “Quest for Antonia” became with Stuff’s involvement.

    Teresa and Carin Ashley became friends during the contest. Carin is Miss Florida Hawaiian Tropic and Teresa is competing for the title of Ms. Atlanta Hawaiian Tropic this Saturday. So oddly, they may be competing against each other again – next time in Hawaii. LOL!

    Thanks again for all the support! We’re overhauling Teresa’s site soon to bring it up to a professional level. Check in when you have a chance.

  3. James, I’m not too terribly surprised that the contest became more about Stuff than EverQuest. Its unfortunate, but the exposure in Stuff is probably more important to most of the finalists than EverQuest itself. Pass on to Teresa my thanks (and the thanks of a lot of fans) for being a participant in the process. I think she would have made a fantastic Antonia, but I’m even more sure she’ll do very well whatever she does!

    Nicole, welcome to my blog 🙂 Of the finalists other than Teresa, I think Anna was a pretty good choice. If you know Anna in person, please pass on my congratulations. She plays video games (I assume she’s a console gamer) and is trying EQ2 out. I’m hopeful, as I was with Teresa, that she’ll take the time to actually get involved with the EverQuest community and not just be a “sexy body in a costume”. Time will tell, but that’s true of everything 🙂

  4. >

    The moment Anna posted her pictures (extremely late in the contest so as to avoid weeks of voting scrutiny, by her own admission*), I predicted she was Teresa’s toughest competition. Seeing the girls up close and personal, I predicted Bridget was her toughest competition. So, I certainly cannot condemn Stuff for their choices! Having said that and again seeing all the girls in person, all of them “look the part.” The biggest disappointment in all of this for me, and most of the gamers who voted Teresa into the number 1 position, was believing this was Sony’s contest when it truly belonged to Stuff.


    LOL! I fail to see how that matters when Antonia Bayle is 100% fake. 😉

    Frankly, I fail to see how “real vs. implants” matters at all. Honestly, heterosexual men don’t care if they’re real or implants. That would help to explain implants’ popularity. 😀 We like boobs – big boobs! Whether they’re from Dow Corning, Bristol, Baxter, 3M, Mayer, or Mother Nature, most men just care that they’re there! It’s when Mother Nature betrays their “owner”, and there is the resulting degradation from gravity, that we prefer those of the man-made variety.

    “I didn’t enter the contest until there was only one week left in the online voting. I was very skeptical in thinking that I would have a chance of even being in the top 30 before the contest was over.”

  5. Oops my quotes got garfed! The first “>” should have the quote “She definitely looks the part” and the second “>” should have the quote “She… was the only [one] with REAL boobs!

    Kelly, continued thanks for your support. Keep up with T on her site – we’re working hard. 😉

  6. Hello Kelly! I’m glad that you think Anna was a good pick for Antonia! I do not know the other women personally, but I’m sure they all worked hard to get where thwy did. As for Teresa’s husband-most men love boobs of course, but prefer women who look real. Having an extremely flat stomach is not reality, even the thinnest women have a slight pudge on their stomachs. If not I would say most were a victim of an eating disorder! Anna looks like Antonia and will act the part, but is a normal, beautiful, intelligent and down to earth person. She has other goals besides being a model. She worked hard to win this contest, but would not have been stressed out if things didn’t work out. Some people try too hard! : ) Good luck Anna!!!

  7. Re: breasts…I’m a leg man myself 😉 I’m not adamantly against people who take the cosmetic surgery route, and I’m particularly supportive of people who do so for their own personal reasons. That said, I think things can definitely go too far, and I don’t think all males (or even a majority) find excess appealing. But you are right, James: unless something just looks “wrong”, whether they are “real” or not is pretty irrelevant to me. I will follow up with Teresa’s site in the future, you can count on that.

    And I’ll be watching for more news about Anna- I look forward to seeing her in the Antonia Bayle “persona”, and also in her real life one 😉

  8. “Having an extremely flat stomach is not reality, even the thinnest women have a slight pudge on their stomachs.”

    Stomach muscles don’t “pudge”. 😉 An eating disorder is not required, a low-fat diet and exercise are, however. The Quest for Antonia contest began as the previous model was rude to fans, elbowing them as they got too “friendly”. Additionally, the low cut of the costume was not flattering to her lack of exercise or “pudgy” stomach.

    “But you are right, James: unless something just looks “wrong”, whether they are “real” or not is pretty irrelevant to me.”

    Yeah – it seems to be that only (some of) the gals care – even when it doesn’t matter one bit! Playboy had a survey running for a few months years ago. There were 24 sets of breasts and the purpose of the survey was to spot the fakes. With tens of thousands of men taking the survey, there was an average score of 40%. These were bare breasts that hadn’t been photo-shopped. So most men can’t even tell the difference when they can see ’em. Translation: we don’t care… unless, like you said, it goes to excess.

    Anyhow, the moment I saw the costume I was very concerned for Teresa’s chances. I knew there was no way the top would fit in time for that evening’s red-carpet photo op. So it was obvious they needed Anna or Bridget.

    “Some people try too hard!”

    Excellent point! It’s better to give a half-hearted effort at the last minute, let stuff happen and not give 100%. That way, you “won’t be stressed out if things don’t work.”

  9. Hey Kelly,

    Teresa is in the finals for Hawaiian Tropic… and she just “interviewed” with PB. 😉 Penthouse called her too… Interesting thing – they’re trying to revamp their image to be more main-stream like Maxim or FHM. But we agreed she would not accept there offer to shoot. Personally, I don’t know what they’re thinking trying to change their image without changing their name…

  10. I was roomies with Anna during our stay in Las Vegas and can tell all of you reading this that she is EXACTLY what Sony had been looking for when they started this contest. She is beautiful, kind and caring, as well as strong willed and focused on her friends, family and future. All the girls there were very nice and I THOUGHT we all enjoyed ourselves through all the media and publicity hoops we collectively jumped through.

    However, anyone who thinks she was chosen because ‘there was no way the top would fit…’ anyone but her and one other is morbidly deficient in brain activity. Furthermore, the comments about the possibility of the costume making Anna look ‘pregnant’ were not only extremely rude and uncalled-for, they are completely ridiculous. Anna is a student who enjoys her life, family and friends. It’s possible she doesn’t put as much emphasis on her modeling career as myself or others, but that, by no means, gives anyone the right to judge or compare her. I didn’t read in Antonia’s bio what her ‘daily carb intake’ or ‘rigorous workout schedule’ was, so I am assuming it was hardly relevant to winning the contest.

    I’m fairly certain that if Antonia Bayle did exist and Norrath was a real place, she would have no difficulties ridding Qeynos of anyone capable of such vile thoughts and comments. It is clear the ‘real’ Antonia Bayle would have nothing to do with such a person, giving Anna more reason than before to have been chosen to represent Sony.

  11. Thanks, Holly, for coming here!

    I think that emotions run rather high for these kinds of competitions. I’d like to imagine that everyone can retain their composure and remain friends, but unfortunately I think that flys in the face of human nature. None of us here who weren’t at the competition can really say one way or another what went on: all I can say is that I think all five of the finalists had positive characteristics and Anna is, based on the snippets of information I have, an excellent choice. I’m really looking forward, personally, to seeing Anna in the Antonia Bayle costume and playing the role. In a perfect world there would even be a convention or tradeshow I could get to where I’d see her in person- but being here in Canada I suspect I’ll have to make do with static images.

    Yes, I thought Teresa was a better choice based on what I was able to observe. But the finalists were there, and they submitted themselves to the judges, and I think they have to quietly accept the results whether they agreed with them entirely or not.

    I imagine, if I were the husband or significant other (or friend or family member) of any of the finalists, I would have had an amazingly hard time understanding how “my” loved one didn’t win. I’d probably be looking for reasons in all the wrong places. And maybe there was bias: I wasn’t there, I can’t say, and personally I’d rather stay out of that discussion. The truth is: you take five beautiful, presumably intelligent people, and have to choose one. How can you make “logic” out of that? I personally can’t see how any of the five can think/be thought of as anything other than “winners”. But there still has to be one chosen, so…

  12. So Holly… you too believe that the Queen of Qeynos would find it so extremely important that even her roommate’s breasts weren’t real that she would “nobly” run and tell her friends that? And that by associating with “that type of person” and sharing that type of detail with her shows how she is somehow the most qualified to portray someone as noble as the lore holds Antonia to be? Intriguing…

    My statements are my own. They are not Teresa’s. I watched much of the competition from the sidelines. I’ve not posted comments on Teresa’s opinions or heresay, only what I was witness to – unlike Nicole. I will defend my loved ones from other’s nasty comments! Apparently you failed to realize, despite your vast wealth of intelligence, the fact that Anna insulted you through Nicole.

    To think that top would have been ready for anyone but her or Bridget… I won’t declare anyone short of intelligence, but I would doubt that person’s grasp on reality. But the fact remains that Stuff chose her – Sony did not.

    I never would have considered the “makes her look pregnant” comment about the second, third or fourth place winners – or you either. A tummy is a tummy and that suit is cut low. Being a model, YOU KNOW what that suit is going to do! There were four women there who would look good with that suit bottom cut the way it is. Given your extremely thin physique, you very well may have been the most capable from a physical perspective and you certainly have Antonia’s facial features. Considering those facts, I’m left to wonder why you didn’t even place – very intriguing!

    What’s done is done! The haphazard concept of throwing $#it at the wall and seeing what sticks makes for a safer approach to these contests and one I imagine will be more commonplace going forward.

    Thanks again Kelly for your continued support. I’m sorry to hear of your loss. Hang in there! Time heals all wounds…

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