Yesterday was the day Chris and I went to the Abbotsford airshow. Its one of our traditions, and one that I really enjoy. I’ve placed a ton of pictures in the album…

Many thanks to Helmut of London Drugs for getting me set up with my new camera and telephoto lens. Some of the pictures have been cropped with no attempt to preserve aspect ratio, and I’ve done some colour balancing on a few of them as well: no “fancy” editing has been done beyond this. In total, I took well over 400 pictures- the 150 or so in the album are the “best” of those. My pictures are certainly better than last year’s, but I have a lot of room for improvement 🙂

The last couple of years we’ve been taking the comfortable route of paying for “executive” club seating- this means we get an assigned place to sit in one of the “chalets”, a reserved parking area, decent food, and free drinks (water, pop, beer, wine). Despite these amenities, however, I’m still exhausted today: eight hours in the sun wipes me out.

Chris is on his way to Vancouver Island to continue with the rest of his vacation. Thanks, Chris, for the visit: as always, it was a great way to spend my time!

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