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Do you wanna date my avatar?

I have caught a number of episodes of The Guild, a web-based video series since it first appeared a year or so ago. Imagine a soap opera based on the web-camera confessions of a young woman geek who is a member of a massively multiplayer online game guild, and you have the basic […]

Lara Croft replacement

Angelina Jolie has apparently said more or less categorically that she will not come back to play as Lara Croft in another Tomb Raider movie. It has been announced that there will be another Tomb Raider movie, so the question Wired is asking is: who will don Lara’s spelunking outfit?

I have a bit of […]

Mad skillz with Construction Equipment…

I came across this post on Gizmodo today, with the following video:


NSFW: A totally different way to promote net neutrality…

Tania Derveaux supports net neutrality. That’s great, but the way she has chosen to demonstrate her support is a bit unique.


Mary Carey running for governor of California

I was browsing through my blog feeds today and came across a reference to Mary Carey, a well known porn star, who has decided she’d like to earn more for screwing people. Yes, that’s right, she’s decided to become a politician. She’s gathering signatures so that she can be listed on the next election for […]

Teresa Noreen in the running for Maxim

Folks who visit my site regularly know that I have been following the career of Teresa Noreen for some months now. Just type “Teresa” in my search box here and you’ll see a half dozen or so postings about the Geek Goddess. She’s a busy woman, as the postings in her Myspace blog can attest […]

Tom’s Hardware/Den Guru 2005 Holiday Buyers guide…and more of Teresa

I visit the Tom’s Hardware site periodically for computer hardware reviews. But they’ve spun off some related sites recently, including one called “Den Guru” that focuses on home electronics.


Teresa Noreen- whats she up to now?

I previously posted about Teresa Noreen’s entry in the Antonia Bayle look-alike contest for EverQuest. She didn’t get selected, but it seems like Teresa’s modelling career didn’t suffer for the loss at all.


Congratulations to the new Antonia Bayle…

Sony and Stuff have announced the winner of the Antonia Bayle contest.

Anna Wainscoat wasn’t my choice- I felt Teresa Noreen was closer in appearance to the Queen of Qeynos and seemed more interested in EverQuest and its players, but…who knows? Anna bears at least a passing resemblance to Antonia, and maybe she actually […]

EQ2: Antonia Bayle finalists- Good Luck, Teresa!

I have previously mentioned the contest to find a model to represent EQ2’s main heroine, Antonia Bayle. I also think I made my preference for the woman to represent the Queen of Qeynos fairly clear.