Tom’s Hardware/Den Guru 2005 Holiday Buyers guide…and more of Teresa

I visit the Tom’s Hardware site periodically for computer hardware reviews. But they’ve spun off some related sites recently, including one called “Den Guru” that focuses on home electronics.

Den Guru recently published their 2005 buyer’s guide that incorporates a new incentive for me to visit: lots of pictures of Teresa Noreen πŸ˜‰ Yes, I know its sexist and male chauvinist and so on for me to say this, but I do find I’m more prone to scan through the product listing when there is the added bonus of potentially seeing Teresa in another outfit.

What I should do at this point is try to analyze what, exactly, Teresa has to do with home electronics. But hey, sometimes its just best not to think too much…

2 thoughts on “Tom’s Hardware/Den Guru 2005 Holiday Buyers guide…and more of Teresa”

  1. It is possible that they took special precautions, using an electrically neutral coating for her lips to prevent damage…

    Or not πŸ˜‰

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