NSFW: A totally different way to promote net neutrality…

Tania Derveaux supports net neutrality. That’s great, but the way she has chosen to demonstrate her support is a bit unique.


The basic idea: if you are a geek who supports net neutrality and are a virgin, Tania will have sex with you for free. I guess that solves one of your problems… There are some conditions for the offer: surprise buttsex is out (but apparently it’s okay if it isn’t a surprise), and she reserves the right to hurt your manhood badly if you were lying about a virgin or otherwise attempt to violate the terms of … service.

As I understand it, Tania’s “don’t stay virgin” campaign is a bit of a double-entendre response to Virgin Media’s “net neutrality is bollocks” comments a couple of weeks or so ago. Apparently Tania is a member of the NEE party in Belgium, which I guess is more of a political protest group than a political party. She previously made an equally unusual offer as part of her political campaign:


As I understand it, this advertisement campaign was in response to another political party’s apparently bogus claim to offer 400,000 new jobs as part of their strategy.

I must say that, as political promises go, Tania’s offerings certainly do get some attention. Well, at least from half the population…

2 thoughts on “NSFW: A totally different way to promote net neutrality…”

  1. Truth is, I’m not too clear on whether Tania’s sex offer is a joke-joke (as in, you sign up for the free sex and get a box labelled “Free sex inside”, with a card labelled “sex” enclosed within), or a crazy stunt with some real sex involved. I’m pretty sure it is more the former than the latter, and needless to say it could turn into something pretty embarrassing for a geeky virgin if a camera crew shows up at his house and says “Jokes on you, you little pervert!”

    Certainly, she never actually delivered on the … oral gratification promise. But fundamentally, if she never delivers on her promises, that is the ultimate parody of the average politician, is it not? And I can’t fault her campaign posters…

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