Teresa Noreen- whats she up to now?

I previously posted about Teresa Noreen’s entry in the Antonia Bayle look-alike contest for EverQuest. She didn’t get selected, but it seems like Teresa’s modelling career didn’t suffer for the loss at all.

She’s modelling at (free registration required) a lot of car shows, and competing in and winning bikini contests.

Teresa has updated her own website and now has a presence on the “MySpace.com” community site. If you go to her homepage there and ask nicely, I believe she’ll put you on her mailing list.

Let’s see…a mailing list where I get links to revealing pictures of beautiful women and advance notice of upcoming bikini contests and the like. I guess that’s one kind of “spam” I don’t mind 😉 That said, two of my favorite photos of Teresa are ones that arguably involve the most clothing.

2 thoughts on “Teresa Noreen- whats she up to now?”

  1. Hey Kelly,

    Thanks! Just wanted to let you know that Teresa’s new site is up and running… and I’m sad to say that it has wiped out some of your links. Sorry. But I think you’ll like the look of the new site! She’s back in Vegas – I’m missin her lots!

  2. Howdy, James! The strangest thing happened when I went to Teresa’s site…I saw the *old* site several times in a row. Apparently, Firefox didn’t recognize the new “flash” version of the site automatically. I had to completely clear my cache before the correct updated version appeared.

    It looks really good, by the way. I see Teresa’s images are all marked as copyrighted (as they should be): I hope my links here weren’t cause for concern. I’ve removed the one that no longer works. My main intent was to point out my preferred photos. It would be ideal if, instead of linking directly to the picture, I could link to Teresa’s site in such a way that the picture I’m referring to would be displayed “natively” within her Flash page layout. The way that would normally be handled would be by passing a value as part of the URL (E.G.: http://www.tnoreen.com/portfolio.php?picID=1234), but obviously the site has to be designed to support it. I didn’t see an obvious way to do that.

    I enjoy keeping up with what your wife is up to via the MySpace thing, although the whole “social networking” aspect of MySpace is pretty meaningless for me- Teresa is my only “buddy” there 😉 As alway, pass on my best wishes to her during her time at SEMA!

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