I’m baaack…

My various websites have been off line this weekend. And so have I…no EverQuest 2 for me, and no logging in to the office to do my work.

Telus dropped our business grade ADSL line Friday evening around 10 PM. It came back around midnight, and was gone again Saturday when I checked again at about 7:00 am. I immediately contacted Telus, spent virtually no time at all on hold, and spent some quality time chatting with the help desk technician as we tried various things. He couldn’t get me started up again, so he forwarded things on to their second tier of support.

I tried connecting dozens of times during the day on Saturday. Sunday morning my network was still down. I called Telus support again…apparently, they had been busy on my problem. The network port in thier central office where I connect had failed, so they had moved my connection to a new port on another switch. They thought this should have fixed my problem…so when I called again, they started tracing again. And eventually found out that when they moved me to another switch they forgot to reset my configuration, so my ADSL modem wasn’t being recognized. After a bit more fuss, I was back on line around noon.

I just now finished re-running several wires behind my hubs and hooking up a new power bar so I can manage things a bit easier. I think I’m finally all done now with the outages.

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