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Gettin’ jiggy with VMWare on the Mac

I mentioned earlier that I had installed VMWare Fusion on my MacBook.  One of my objectives with this was to be able to run Windows Live Writer on my Macintosh for editing this blog.

You might rightly point out that there are plenty of blog editors for the Macintosh, some of them reasonably […]

Windows on Mac is Spooky

Everyone knows, of course, that you can run Windows applications on a Macintosh. When Macs started shipping with Intel processors this became almost a no brainer. Boot Camp is the most obvious way to achieve the “Windows on a Mac” experience, but is a bit of a brute force approach: when you boot your […]

What the heck is a winmail.dat attachment?

Being new to the Macintosh, I’m “discovering” things for the first time that are ancient history for most Mac users. That is entirely to be expected. But I must admit I totally mis-diagnosed a mysterious email attachment I received today.


.Mac Sync: down for 10 days and counting

I mentioned in my previous post that I have subscribed to .Mac, Apple’s online service for file sharing, email, and so forth.

One of the neat things .Mac can do is automatically synchronize your Mac’s address book, email, and calendar so that you can access it using a web browser on any computer. […]

Migrating a few things to the Macintosh

I’ve had my Mac for a couple of days now, and I’m having fun with it. Since it’s a laptop, it is often more at hand then my main PC. That, coupled with a somewhat intriguing calendaring and address book application, has convinced me to migrate my email.


A Macintosh a day…

27 years ago, I bought an Apple II+. That was my first computer, and I have many fond memories of its 16 kilobyte wonder.

When the Macintosh came out in 1984, I really wanted one. Unfortunately, it was several thousand dollars too expensive, and I had already committed to spending several thousand dollars on […]

Happy Birthday, Mom!

My Mom’s 85th birthday was yesterday.  My sister Judy pulled together a surprise party, and as many of us kids as could make it were there. 


Even wrong, it’s still funny…

I stumbled across this series of comic video game reviews earlier this week, but didn’t actually watch any of them.  You see, I had heard that this particular reviewer had given a negative review to BioShock, and my unsubstantiated reaction was that the reviewer must be a total moron.


Suburbia in the sky…

Folks who live in really big cities because they *want* to live there are, in my opinion, kind of weird. But I can sort of see the appeal of being able to walk to trendy shops and restaurants, and particularly being able to make it to the office without driving. I can understand how […]

Maybe the Nigerians know something…

Bill Gates has been traveling a bit recently, and was apparently doing a bit of touring in Africa.  Unfortunately, his request for a Nigerian Visa was initially met with a somewhat rude refusal.