.Mac Sync: down for 10 days and counting

I mentioned in my previous post that I have subscribed to .Mac, Apple’s online service for file sharing, email, and so forth.

One of the neat things .Mac can do is automatically synchronize your Mac’s address book, email, and calendar so that you can access it using a web browser on any computer. I was trying to figure out why my MacBook’s address book entries weren’t showing up in the .Mac web interface, and finally read the little notice on the site saying that synchronization was temporarily down.

Then I read the notice a little more closely: synchronization services have been down since October 19th. That is over 10 days. So much for Apple’s vaunted reliability 😉

2 thoughts on “.Mac Sync: down for 10 days and counting”

  1. Hey, cut apple some slack! I mean they are busy sabotaging overpriced iphones so they will only work on one network with only limited features, ticking off NBC and their other video content providers, and introducing the “blue screen of death” or something like it to people trying to upgrade to leopard…

    and in their spare time they have to produce macbooks that overheat and catch fire and remodel ipods so the batteries can’t be replaced even by techs with a solder gun.

    I mean, it’s not like they were Microsoft or something. I’m sure that the reason their service doesn’t work is brilliant, creative, and the next big thing in computing. 😉

  2. Heheh 🙂 Good summary!

    I must admit that I find it funny (although not surprising) that a major Macintosh service has been down for over 10 days and there hasn’t been one peep on Slashdot or any of the other “Microsoft hater” sites. Yet if MSN or Windows Live services were down for an afternoon they’d be all over it.

    By the way: the OSX Leopard “BSOD” was not really a blue screen of death at all. What was happening was this: folks who installed a very low level operating system “enhancement” called APE were encountering very slow reboots and startup failures. Removing APE before installing Leopard seems to solve the problem for the vast majority of people.

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