Suburbia in the sky…

Folks who live in really big cities because they *want* to live there are, in my opinion, kind of weird.  But I can sort of see the appeal of being able to walk to trendy shops and restaurants, and particularly being able to make it to the office without driving.  I can understand how that would be attractive, and if I didn’t prefer having a bit more space and privacy, I could even see living in an urban core.

But what is a self-respecting New Yorker to do if they want to live in the Big Apple and still have the convenience of parking their car right outside the door?  The answer, of course, is an elevator for your car.

I’m fully aware that parking elevators are not new.  But the particular excess here is that each apartment has a private parking garage on the same level as the apartment itself.  If your $10 million dollar condo is on the 12th floor, your parking spot is too- right outside the door.  And you have an elevator right there to take your lovely automobile down to the ground level.

I can just imagine the fun at 7:00 am, waiting for the car elevator to become available, knowing that the millions you spent on your 1200 square foot condo could have bought you a veritable mansion with a four car garage in any normal community.  But hey, its New York, baby!

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2 thoughts on “Suburbia in the sky…”

  1. I have to wonder about issues such as ventilation and flammability.

    I also think these people are missing the point of living in the heart of a major metropolis.

    What is really peculiar is that these people with lots of money, that could take cabs, hire a car and driver, use valet parking are condemning themselves to driving and parking in New York city… something I think most people would pay to -avoid-!

    But it seems to be a trend among the American rich. Look at all the celebs nailed for driving drunk. I mean you can afford a chef for your dog, a personal trainer and over 100k a year for a personal hairdresser to be available 7 days a week but you can’t afford someone to drive you home after a party?!? It’s vary peculiar.

  2. I’m sure they probably provide poor people to inhale deeply when the air is impure, and likewise to throw themselves upon any flames that occur to douse them with their otherwise worthless bodies.

    I can’t imagine wanting to drive myself around in a place like New York. On the other hand, if I were rich I’d probably want to drive some of those fancy cars once in a while…just not in New York city 🙂 I agree with your other point about drunk driving celebs- I can’t understand why someone going out to “party” would drive themselves if they could afford to do otherwise.

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