Happy Birthday, Mom!

My Mom’s 85th birthday was yesterday.  My sister Judy pulled together a surprise party, and as many of us kids as could make it were there. 

You can see the rest of the pictures by clicking on the above image.

We had a blast: I think Mom was at least somewhat surprised 🙂  It was great to have everyone together, Shane spoke Spanish, there was a great chat with Bryan towards the end, and food was (as always when Judy puts on a spread) delicious.  Thanks, everyone!  And Happy 85th, Mom!

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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mom!”

  1. Heheh 😉 That thought *did* occur to me, but Mom is still healthy so I didn’t worry. I can only hope I’m still as strong and mobile as she is in 40 years.

    About a month ago, when Judy started planning Mom’s B’Day, I think I had a brief “mid life crisis” moment. I suddenly realized that I am the same age now as Mom was when she gave birth to me. By this time in her life, she had served in WWII, been married twice, and given birth to six children (I was the last). I’ve been rather introspective since.

    I feel pretty lucky to be able to get together with my entire family- Connie was “in transit” (she’s moving out East for a few years to be with Marnie for the birth of her baby). Other than my Dad, who I lost before I really knew him at all, we are all alive and basically healthy.

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