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The Barbeque

I didn’t write about this last weekend as Willow’s death kind of took the fun right out of me. But on July 17, I had the joy of having a big chunk of my family over at our house. Ron, Jessie, and the children; as well as Connie and Dennis were all in the lower mainland at the same time. I took the day off work and Irene and I invited folks over for a BBQ, and despite me being a bit out of sorts (my “day off work” turned out to be a “half day off work”) … I think things went pretty well.

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Cleaning composite decks

We’ve had our composite deck for a little less than a year, and I’ve not done a lot to clean it. I’ve washed it with a mop and hosed it down a few times, but it has some “ground in” dirt that I’d like something more effective for. Of course, cleaning composite materials is different than cleaning simple wood, and I want to try to do it “right”, so I started doing some research.

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House Upgrade 2008 Part IV: a roof over our heads

The deck construction is almost finished. Almost… a slippery word, that can often mean “never”. Since the last posting on this topic, here is what has been completed:

  • roof framing assembly (structural steel trusses) constructed
  • aluminum framing and acrylite / polycarbonate roofing panels installed
  • electrical roughed in
  • exposed steel clad in cedar
  • deck stairs constructed
  • second “quick connect” natural gas fitting installed

It looks pretty good, actually, and is “done enough” that the things remaining feel rather minor. The roof has turned out really nicely: Solariumsplus did the work, and I’m really pleased with what Pete, Curtis and Randy put together for us. Some pictures…

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