House upgrade 2008 Part II- the spa arrives

Our deck and spa replacement project has sort of been in “standby” mode since my initial post. Since then, the concrete spa pad and deck supports were added, but not much else could be done until the spa itself arrived. That day was today.

Here is the back yard before the arrival of the spa:

and here it is with the spa in place:

They were able to get the spa in without using a crane- removing our eastern fence helped in that regard 🙂 The spa itself is 96″ by 96″ by 44″: the metal bar on one side is a “lift assist” for the cover, which basically mainly serves to neatly hold the cover instead of tossing it to one side. The cover looks a bit “wedge shaped” (thicker to the left side in the photo) because the spa has a waterfall on that side: the extra thickness there is to accommodate that.

As I sort of expected, they have a custom made dolly with big pneumatic wheels for moving the spas, and two big guys can move it around easier than I expected. To me, 1300 pounds sounds like a lot, but with some real muscle and some leverage it apparently isn’t too bad. The delivery guys told me they usually handle three or four spas a day.

I’ll take some pictures with the cover off maybe once we have the electrical done and the spa is filled with water. The framing is starting tomorrow, and if all goes well the deck itself will be built next week. I have to check with our electrical guy, who also happens to be our next door neighbor, and see when he can hook up power to the spa. Since this is 60 amps with EFI and so forth, it isn’t something to mess round with. Our new fencing starts going in next week as well: we are replacing both the East and South fence.

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