Its true: Alienware has been bought by Dell

I was really hoping it wasn’t true, but apparently it is: Alienware is being bought by Dell.

Why don’t I want it t be true? Well, Alienware builds hand-made boutique machines for the serious gamer. Dell builds commodity by the tens of millions for the home consumer. Dell is so much bigger than Alienware ($55 billion in revenue, 33 million computers in 2005, versus $200 million in revenue and 60,000 computers for Alienware) that it seems fated that Alienware will “disappear”.

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Bloggers getting burned out by marketing pitches

I was reading a post over on Scobleizer about how the “A list” bloggers are getting worn out. Its a telling statement about what has been going on with blogs recently when you realize he’s talking about the bloggers being tired of the never-ending flood of people/products/companies asking to be featured in a blog entry.

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Printing WordPress blog entries made easier

My Mom must love me- she actually has printed out one or two of my blog entries. But until tonight, printing one of my blog entries wasn’t exactly easy. I’ve taken care of that now…

I’ve added a new plugin to my WordPress blog- WP-Print by Lester Chan. It seems to be working great: you should see a “print this post” link at the bottom of this posting here on the main page, and a little printer icon near the title when viewing an individual posting.  If you click this link the page will be regenerated without the fancy borders and such, ready for printing.
I had to work a bit to get the plugin to work with my site. There were a couple that “broke” the plugin entirely until I corrected them. When I first started up the plugin clicking the link generated a 404 error. That was easy to fix- the readme even told me what to do: re-generate the Permalinks (Options->Permalinks->Update Permalink Structure. Once the 404 error was cleared up, the next problem was that clicking the link generated a blank screen. Looking at my PHP logs revealed this error: Continue reading Printing WordPress blog entries made easier

Irene is home: power chairs and flowers

Irene is back at home since yesterday after her hip replacement, and she’s doing really well. The big challenge at the moment is getting her to eat. She occasionally feels dizzy or light headed, but I figure she’s been eating at most a thousand calories a day over the past five days, not counting the 24 hour fasting period before and after her surgery. My theory is that she needs to be eating more than a bird in order to have the energy for healing and moving around. But Irene wasn’t quite believing my theory about food intake until the Occupational Therapist, Greg, dropped by and agreed with me that she was doing well and the most probably cause for Irene to feel light headed was lack of food. Sigh…I’m just the husband, what do I know? After Greg’s visit I was able to convince Irene that I should pick up some meal replacements (Ensure) for her, and she’s had a couple of those now…and (surprise) is starting to feel perkier.

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