Bloggers getting burned out by marketing pitches

I was reading a post over on Scobleizer about how the “A list” bloggers are getting worn out. Its a telling statement about what has been going on with blogs recently when you realize he’s talking about the bloggers being tired of the never-ending flood of people/products/companies asking to be featured in a blog entry.

Kelly’s World is not an A-List blog…nor is it on the B, F, I, or Z list. I think there would need to be a new list of blogs that don’t make the cut into the single-letter alphabet in order for my blog to make a list. But I’ve been approached to feature one product on my site already.

I can’t imagine what my inbox would be like if Kelly’s World was getting 50,000 hits a day instead of 50. I suppose that wouldn’t be a bad thing if I was a “professional” blogger…but most bloggers got into it originally for their own personal reasons, and their blogs became popular because they had something to say that generated buzz. Not because they expected to sell their reviews/opinions to anyone.

At least one thing seems true so far in the blogosphere- most readers have pretty good radar for when they are being bullshitted by a blogger. Honest opinion seems to still mean something, and there is “meritocracy” of sorts in place. I wonder how long that will last?

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