Cold box, within a cold box, within a warm box…

Our fridge died about three weeks ago. About two weeks ago, the service guy looked at it and said “the compressor is dead”. Today, the technician came back with parts in hand and welded in a new compressor. Our fridge is once again making itself cold inside.

For three weeks we’ve lived without cold milk. Without cheese. Without deli meats, or yoghurt. Thankfully, we have a small freezer in the garage, so we still had frozen food. We started to make do by taking our camping cooler and putting things like margarine and the like inside, then putting it outside- its cool enough outside for this to work. Its funny how backwards this made me feel.

So what is your most “needed” appliance? The fridge? The microwave? The dishwasher? My new “critical” appliance is the fridge…

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