Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG): another Firefox advantage

I’ve heard of SVG before, and was vaguely aware that Firefox 1.5 included an SVG rendering system in its standard feature set. But I hadn’t really played with it, so I didn’t have much of a sense of its value.

You can check out some SVG examples on Crockzilla. Most are pretty tame stuff, but its important to note that the images are rendered not based on a collection of pixels, but based on a descriptive language and vectors. This means you can do all sorts of interesting things with the images, like scale them “perfectly”, add transparency effects, and automate them.

Oh, if you have Internet Explorer instead of Firefox, what you’ll see some errors or, if you download the files, a bunch of code. The code itself is sort of interesting. Why should you care? Well, web pages generally include a lot of graphics. SVG allows for the possibility of creating scalable, interactive images without huge overhead. That is, once it becomes common for more browsers to support the standard.

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