Election day 2006

Today we have our federal election here in Canada. I am not a big fan of politicians, but I guess I have to participate in the electoral process. So, I’ll go and put my X in a box, voting in party that will probably find some way to screw up my life, waste my money, or damage my confidence in elected officials.

Or all three…

In any case, I think I will perform a feat of great mental power. I’ll use my mind to pierce the veil of Time itself, and predict the outcome of Canada’s federal election. I predict that the Conservative party will win the election, and will acquire a small majority. I’ll go further and say that that majority will amount to a handful of seats, such that a vote can be swung if a few Conservatives are sick that day or disagree with the party line.

If I’m right, do I get some sort of special prize?

UPDATE: The Conservatives won, but they only won by a minority. We have another lame duck government: yay!

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2 thoughts on “Election day 2006”

  1. Personally, I prefer a government that has a minority of seats.. Why? Because all the parties have to work togetter to make a decision. A few experts were debating that question a few weeks ago on television, and they all agreed on the fact that only minority government ever did something for the Canadian people.

    Let’s wait and see 🙂

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  2. Yeah, Kiltak- your point about minority governments is one I’ve considered before. But I think about two minority governments in Canada that I’ve “lived” through (the Joe Clark conservative minority back in the 80’s, and the Liberal minority that just got ousted in this election). In both cases, it seemed to me that the politicians spent more time grand-standing and positioning for the inevitable fall of the government than they did actually doing the work we elected them for. Having to go through another election within a year of the first one does nothing to improve my perception of how a minority government works: at least not here in Canada.

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