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Vista revisited…

I’ve installed Vista with the “new” ATI drivers that support OpenGL. The process has been less “fun” than I’d like thus far, and I don’t yet have my favorite games working. Here are a few of the little problems I’ve encountered


Vista released…and ATI release driver with OpenGL support

ATI released their “production” Vista driver on January 29th. And it apparently has native OpenGL support, at least according to this extract from the release notes:


Technical difficulties

I run my main computer slightly on the edge. I don’t overclock it, but I do have some of the latest hardware inside, and the latest drivers. I build (assemble the bits, install and configure the OS) it myself not because I consider myself particularly brilliant, but because it sort of makes me feel […]

Vista cometh…but no ATI OpenGL yet??!!

I’m not exactly known for my patience. You could probably find my picture next to the Wikipedia entry for “instant gratification”. If I decide I want a gadget, I’ll usually mull it over for some months, but when I make the final decision…there is no hesitation. Don’t stand in my way in Best Buy…several […]

Performance of my new computer…

As mentioned in my previous post, I’ve built a new machine. And I’ve completed my first performance test on it, before any optimizations and with an out of date video driver. Here is what I got running 3D Mark 2006:


Computer upgrade 2006: the Coles Notes

I built my “new” computer over the weekend. This is sort of a tradition- every two years or so, I feel the need to refresh my technology from the ground up. Every other year I perform an “intermediate” upgrade- RAM, video, disk. The distinction between these two types of upgrade is somewhat vague, but […]

Microsoft Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor not compatible with Windows XP X64

I enjoy…perhaps that’s the wrong word, but I’ll use it for now…catching vendors in obvious disconnects between words and action. Here is one I just found:

Microsoft keeps harping on developers, particularly hardware developers, to support the 64 bit versions of Windows… […]

Replace my computer with an iPod? I don’t think so…

Walter Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal penned an article the other day about how the Personal Computer era may be ending, to be replaced by … I’m not really sure, I guess he’s saying purpose built devices for particular purposes. Actually, the way I read his article, I think he’s saying that the […]

High end keyless car security …less secure than a key

If you buy an upscale new car today or in the near future, say a BMW, Mercedes, or Cadillac, there’s a good chance that you won’t have a key. Instead, you’ll have a little fob- sort of like the keyless entry control you are likely used to. To start the car, you’ll just push […]

Google upset about IE7 search default…are they blind?

Apparently Google is taking Microsoft to task over the new search bar built in to Internet Explorer 7. The Googleheads are upset over the fact that this search bar defaults to using Microsoft’s own MSN search.

First let’s set aside the obvious fact that Firefox “defaults” to using Google, and no one complains about […]