Microsoft Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor not compatible with Windows XP X64

I enjoy…perhaps that’s the wrong word, but I’ll use it for now…catching vendors in obvious disconnects between words and action. Here is one I just found:

In his keynote speech before about 3,500 hardware makers, Gates also sounded a familiar note, talking about the coming wave of 64-bit computers. Although many systems today have 64-bit chips, the necessary software and drivers are only now coming into the market. The company perennially uses the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference to implore hardware makers to ensure they have built 64-bit drivers. Although 64-bit systems can run 32-bit software, they require new drivers for any hardware device–drivers that have been slow in coming.

IMAGE: Sorry, you must run Windows XP

Comical, really. I do plan on one day installing Vista when they ship the 64 bit version. Maybe by then they’ll have an advisor that works on their own 64 bit OS?

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  1. Well if u can get microsoft to support it how about talking to hp and some the other hardware vendors to follow suite guess boycotting companies who refuse to support systems is our only option and im sure enough people get pissed about it they will change business practices.

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