Performance of my new computer…

As mentioned in my previous post, I’ve built a new machine.  And I’ve completed my first performance test on it, before any optimizations and with an out of date video driver.  Here is what I got running 3D Mark 2006:

3dMark 2006 score


And here is the result of the same test run on my old machine:


3dMark 2006 results on old machine


That looks like a 3-fold improvement to me, which is better than I expected.  I would have been happy with double the performance.  But 3DMark 2006 looks at performance for future games: games that might be out *next* year.  3DMark 2003 is a test probably more in tune with games that exist today: here are the results from that test on each machine:

3DMark 2003 results

  • Old machine:  10,257
  • New machine: 18,405

So, for “current” technology games, my new machine is probably about twice as fast as the old one.  I also tried 3dMark 2005, but for some reason it failed (crashed on the second test) on my old machine.  On the new system, the 3DMark 2005 score was 11,262

3 thoughts on “Performance of my new computer…”

  1. My bad: I responded to your Mom, and whatever neuron handles such things decided that was the same as responding to you.

    But one thing is true: now I can waste time really, really fast! 😉

  2. “But one thing is true: now I can waste time really, really fast! ;)”

    That’s good. In today’s world efficiency is important! 😀 😆

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