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Mythbusters paintball gun Mona Lisa

Adam and Jamie of Mythbusters fame are cool guys. I enjoy their program and find it oddly educational, in a sort of geeky-destructive way. But I have to admit that the following video of a demonstration they did at an Nvidia graphics card conference really impressed the heck out of me. The first part […]

Keurig in da house

My new coffee machine has arrived:


Single cup coffee brewers…

I like coffee. I’m not a connoisseur: I prefer something like a basic arabica blend- more or less what Tim Hortons or McDonald’s serves. I may not define good coffee as something pooped out of a civet’s butt, but a good cup of coffee (based on my definition of “good”) is a crucial part […]

RealPlayer causes Mac Leopard network problems?

I was visiting a news site with my OSX Leopard based MacBook Pro two days ago and was prompted to install RealPlayer in order to watch a video. I’ve never had any particular problems with RealPlayer in the past, so I said “yes”, and didn’t really think much more of it.


House upgrade 2008 Part III- the deck cometh

It took a bit longer than planned due to some delays with the arrival of the composite decking material, but now our deck surface is complete!

Here is what the framing looked like:


Horrific waste: Lambo shipped by air for oil change

I may not be convinced that global warming is purely a result of human factors, but I am totally convinced that we have to radically reduce our carbon output. I also think it is long past time for us to stop relying on petrochemicals for energy.