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Warm… with a side of unpredictable

Weather and climate are not the same- I get that. But I’ve been living now in the West Kootenay region for a whole six months. I listen to what the neighbours say, and I can do basic research. So I’m starting to get a handle on what the climate here is like. Sort of… maybe.

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Warm enough for you?

It was 38 degrees Celsius here on Wednesday.  It was about 32 today, and about the same on Monday and Tuesday.  I like warm weather, but “warm” to me is 25 degrees. 

We’d probably have central air conditioning in our house if this kind of weather was common.  Instead, we make do.  Our house has “top opening” windows, so in-window air conditioning isn’t an option for us either.  I bought a portable AC unit a couple of years ago, the type with the big hoses you are supposed to route through the window…but guess what?  There isn’t any real way to mount the hoses / vents in top opening windows either.  I can jury rig something with tin foil and cardboard (I’m serious), but it is generally more hassle than it’s worth.

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