On the Bluenose II… and ducks

Irene and I are on day two of our vacation to Nova Scotia. So far, I am having a lot of fun. We’ve flown too far, eaten too much, and now I have wind burn. In my previous post I provided a link to our travel “map”: in theory, it is supposed to be updated in near real time, but for some reason it stopped updating yesterday. I forced it to update earlier this evening, but don’t have a lot of faith that it will keep working going forward.

Today I have uploaded my first batch of pictures…

On day one, we had Mahone Bay and a bunch of ducks (click the picture to see the first day gallery):

On day two, we have Lunenburg and the Bluenose II (click the picture to see the second day gallery):

I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to keep pictures updated going forward. Thus far I’ve been fortunate that there was a decent internet connection at both of the places we’ve stayed. I have no idea what tomorrow (or the day after…) holds.

2 thoughts on “On the Bluenose II… and ducks”

  1. o.k. now ya seen Halifax but did you get a chance to navigate the open sewer in Halifax baY?,sad sad that the new sewer /disposal site was demolished by a storm last year( even the back up generators failed to operate)& while repairs under way still quite an aroma near the docks!
    have or will you be getting a chance to go to Minas Basin?(apparantly mid point of the N.E section of the Bay of Fundy) as N.S govn’t has now went on board with the new Tidal Turbines project,very exciting as no green house gass’s etc, & enough power for 800,000 homes!what the heck is B.C waiting for re the wind turbines?(on e.side of Vanc isl).
    appears you are having a great time except for those pesky kids that seem to show up every where!

  2. Actually, we didn’t see Halifax proper yet. On day one we left the airport and drove to the Oak Island resort/Mahone Bay area, spent a night there, and have spent the last two nights in Lunenburg. We are going on to Wolfville/Bay of Fundy area, then across to PEI, then back to NS and around the Cabot trail, then back to Halifax for a day. At least that’s the current plan.

    So we didn’t see the open sewer 😉

    After the first day, we haven’t seen many kids. Four tour busses full of retirees arrived all at once at the Maritime Museum in Lunenburg, though, and that’s almost as bad!

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