In case you want to follow our trip…

I installed a little “trip tracker” app on my BlackBerry before I left. It is called GPSed and, other than the fact that it seems to have a dickens of a time getting a GPS lock at times, it works pretty well. Note that the GPS lock problem is really an issue with the BlackBerry- however, the BB also has a cell tower location system that other apps use (e.g.: my weather app, BeWeather).

You can follow our trip here=> . Since I upgraded to the “professional” version of GPSed, I will now be able to annotate the waypoints with photos from my phone. Yay! And note that the map is powered by Google Maps, which means you can zoom in like crazy.

2 thoughts on “In case you want to follow our trip…”

  1. Looking at your GPS track… let me get this right: You drove all the way to Digby, where Digby Scallops come from, where you can sit in the restaurant and watch the ships unload the seafood you will be eating, where the seafood is so good and tasty and fresh and plentiful and cheap that even I, who am not a big fan of things tasting fishy rave about it … you went to Digby and ate lunch at the Tim Hortons?!?!

    I’m going to hurt you, really I am 😉

  2. Remember, Chris: generally, I eat because I have to, and going out of my way to find something that may not be all that good when I’m hungry doesn’t appeal. I haven’t found the seafood anywhere here to be inexpensive: $25 for a platter with some scallops and haddock is typical. It is pretty good, but not cheap.

    If we were in Digby for a day, we would have likely found a place to eat, but we were there for 30 minutes: like most of this trip, we are racing from one “appointment” to the next (Irene has several friends here). Hopefully at some later time in my life I’ll be able to come back here and actually have time to enjoy what it is that I’m seeing a bit more. Most of what I’m doing is driving: over 1500 km since we arrived in Halifax. If you remember the roads here, you know that is a lot longer than it sounds.

    We had a nice walk in Charlottetown last night, probably the first time since the Bluenose tour that we’ve actually just wandered and explored a bit. Today is raining and we are on our way back from PEI to Baddeck in Cape Breton. Then to Halifax, then some more friends of Irene’s, then home.

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