Obama scales back plans for America after visiting Denny’s

I have to admit that I was pretty doubtful about Obama’s plans for the future of America. I’m glad to see he’s set some more realistic goals after seeing the reality of his country’s citizens during a visit to a Denny’s restaurant.

Obama Drastically Scales Back Goals For America After Visiting Denny’s

And yes, I know this is a joke… but it is funny because it has a spark of truth.

2 thoughts on “Obama scales back plans for America after visiting Denny’s”

  1. It’s funny, and I confess to often having similar thoughts.

    But I think that it is actually the Cheney’s and Rove’s, the hard core of the republican party that actually see Americans that way: as mindless gullible slobs that need to governed by their betters.

    It will be interesting to see things play out … will the Americans stick the guy that has faith in them and thinks they can do better but looks elite? Or will they go back to the real elitists that slather on the praise but have no expectations of the masses except that they quietly submit in return for empty praise.

    Self respect vs laziness. Laziness may win out.

  2. Yeah… I don’t know how things will turn out, but I prefer the Obama “experiment” over the one with Bush and Co. that just ended. I don’t expect miracles, but despite the fact that I burst out now and then and say bitter things, I really do think there are a lot of truly good-hearted and reasonably intelligent people out there. I also think that, given the right vision and conditions, the United States can accomplish some truly legendary things (see the space program).

    I just get frustrated with LCD (lowest common denominator) factor. Do we as a society really need to have leaders and policy that matches the wants, needs, and interests of the least intelligent, most gullible, and most xenophobic parts of our population? Is keeping the population fearful and ignorant truly the best that our governments can aspire to? Why is it that leaders who inspire, who provide truly worthy goals to their governments and their people, the exception rather than the rule?

    As a side note: I keep re-discovering that I like the humour of the Onion. Then I forget about it for a while, and months later “rediscover” it. This must be sort of what Alzheimer’s is like…

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